Joseph Alan

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Check out my new house!

As everyone knows, Joe had his tonsils (and adnoid) removed. He doing fine; when he talks, he sounds like he got hold of a helium tank, though.
Anyway, he's home and he's fine.

The jello never had a chance...
Headed home...

(Actually, I don't think he made it out of the parking lot...)


(One side-note: He did get tired of popcicles before we left the hospital, and I think ice cream is soon.)

Back to the show...

Joseph feeding the seagulls in Florida...  

Joseph tames 'Widowmaker'!

(With a little help from Uncle Frank...)



No privacy here...

Um, Joe? Shouldn't you be looking the other way?
Ever have one of those days where you JUST couldn't get going?


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